Lucifer efemeriden : klik hier

Research on the position of Lucifer in the horoscope of countries:  
it is incredible how merely translating the positions of Lucifer in relationship to the sign and house bring fundamental issues of the country to the fore. The word "weakening" is used because that is how I suspect Lucifer works. In some cases it almost seems the outcome is exactly the strength of the country rather than weakness. But Lucifer works in devious ways, so to speak. More research is needed. 

Netherlands: March 16,1815: 18.23 Sagittarius, conjunct Neptune (19 Sag.) in the 6th house: through weakening ideological issues related to work and healthcare?

Belgium: October 4, 1830: 14.41 Capricorn, also in the 6th house, with Neptune on 20 Capricorn in the 6th.  Through weakening structural & organizational issues relative to work and healthcare? 

England (Great Brittain): January 1, 1801: 18.17 Capricorn, in the 4th house (opposite the Moon at 19 Cancer). Through weakening foundation and roots of the country? 

USA: July 4, 1776: 22.39 Aquarius Rx in the 3rd house, through weakening freedom of speech? 

Indonesia, Dec 27, 1949: 7.09 Aries, conjunct Moon (6+ Aries) in the 10th house. Through weakening women's-initiatives? 

Israel, May 14, 1948: 4.53 Sagittarius Rx, in the 2nd house, through weakening the relationship of religion and economy somehow or other? 

Palestine, May 15,1948: 4.41 Sagittarius Rx, in the 10th houee. Through weakening religious ideology of the state? 

Australia, Jan 1, 1901: 1.44 Taurus, 1st house. Through weakening self-sufficiency in relationships with other countries? 

China, October 1, 1949: 9.49 Aries Rx, in the 2nd house. Through weakening economic individual enterprise? 

France: October 6, 1958: 28.17 Sagittarius, in the 9th house, through political and religious ideologies and relationships with foreign countries. 

Germany (the new Germany), October 3, 1990: 7.48 Leo, conjunct Jupiter and the South Node in the 1st house: through leadership-grandiosity issues of the past? 

India, January 26, 1950: 15.00 Aries, first house: through weakening issues of independence? 

Iran, February 1, 1979: 8.07 Pisces in the 12th house: through weakening spiritual faith? 

Kenya, 12 dec. 1963, 29.57 Cp, 5th house. Through feeling inadequate with leadership

©Joyce Hoen, December 2007, when Mercury in transit was conjunct Lucifer in transit.... and when I discovered how incredible this stupid asteroid seems to work indeed after I read the original article (Mercury) on Lucifer on (Original ideas are from Jeffrey Wolf Green)